What kind of shirts are these?

All of our post-2019 football season stuff is Next Level, except for the orange shirts which are American Apparel. They fit similarly though. Some of our older stuff is of a different brand.

Why are you out of my size?

The shirts are too hot and are selling too fast. Don't worry, though, we re-order and re-stock often so check back soon.

How much is shipping?

All shipping is free.

How do the shirts fit?

They're a little tighter (think mid-2010s OSU threads). If you want them loose (think mid-80s Barry Sanders jerseys), order a size up.

Why is there an OSU logo on the Legend gear?

That is the way OSU trademarks their Gundy-related stuff. We have to go through them to sell these, and those are the rules.

What is your return policy?

Please email us at pistolsfiringblog@gmail.com regarding returns.

How quickly can I expect my order?

Our aim is to ship your gear in 3 or fewer business days from the original order (sorry, there is currently no PFB Prime -- but at least we have free shipping!).