Why are you out of my size?

The shirts are too hot and are selling too fast. Don't worry, though, we re-order every week and re-stock every Thursday morning so check back then.

How much is shipping?

All shipping is free.

What kind of shirts are these?

The darker orange are District DT5000 shirts. The light orange are Gildan 64000. The white, gray and dark gray are all Next Level CVC Crew 6210. All are soft, but the darker orange fit just a touch looser than the rest of them.

Do the shirts shrink?

Yes, they do a bit. But they shrink to the size they're supposed to be. So when you get them they might be slightly big until you wash and dry them.

Why is there an OSU logo on the Gundy shirts?

That is the way OSU trademarks their Gundy-related stuff. We have to go through them to sell these, and those are the rules.

What is your return policy?

Please email us at pistolsfiringblog@gmail.com regarding returns.

How quickly can I expect my order?

Our aim is to ship your gear in 3 or fewer business days from the original order (sorry, there is currently no PFB Prime -- but at least we have free shipping!)

Why do you carry two colors of orange?

One is for the orange-to-the-bone crowd, and one is for the millennials. We respect both camps.